Friday, October 24, 2008

Week 6 Picks

Last Week: 3-2

Overall 19-8

I was thrown off by Brown's resurgence last week and Fordham's standout defensive performance. This week things get tougher to call:

Harvard over Princeton

Princeton's fine QB Brian Anderson is either out or not 100%. That's a scenario the suprisingly thin-benched Tigers can't afford. Harvard needs to work on finishing games better. This will be closer than some expect, but the Crimson roll on.

Brown over Cornell

This one is on Head Coach Phil Estes if Brown loses. The Bears seem to match up extremely well against Cornell's pass defense and short-pass-heavy offense. Plus the game is at Brown.

Yale over Penn

This is a toughie. The Quakers get Mike DiMaggio and Tyson Maugle back, but have to face an Eli team at the Yale Bowl and in tough weather conditions. But neither team really impresses me that much and I have to think they're both setting themselves up for big beatings versus Harvard down the road.


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