Monday, October 20, 2008

Where do We Go from Here?

Columbia can easily still make a move up in the League

A commenter whose post I had to delete for other reasons, made a very good point about how even at 5-5, this Columbia team is not unable to defeat any of its remaining opponents. Harvard at Harvard is a possible super-toughie, but the others have all shown vulnerabilities that Columbia can capitalize on, especially if the defense continues to play as well as it has in the last two games.

Yale is looking a lot weaker than we thought, Cornell is crashing after a great start, Brown is inconsistent, and Dartmouth is 0-5 too.

Nobody is happy with 0-5 or the way we got to this record with so many close losses. But I'm willing to bet that if at the end of last year, after going 0-7 in the Ivies, I told you Columbia would win 2-3 Ivy games in 2008, a lot of you would be pleased. The way I see it, 2-3 Ivy wins are a very strong possibility. And if the team knows they still have our support, then it's an even better possibility.

A Word on Your Comments

Speaking of comments. I believe in free speech among civilized people and rest assured, all of you are civilized and not out of line in my opinion. In the three years I've been maintaining this blog, no one has ever personally attacked me in a comment, (with the exception of spelling or grammatical corrections, which I don't consider attacks and admittedly need from time to time), which is amazing.

But I just can't publish everything some of you are writing because of some misconceptions about the origin of those comments.

I apologize.


At Mon Oct 20, 09:30:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think apologies are entirely unnecessary. This is your blog and you can do with this what you want. If someone wants to talk more than smack, let them get their own blog to place such drivel. I trust your judgment on whether the comments are appropriate or not for this site. Don't sweat it. This is not a 1st Amendment issue.

The Neckman

At Mon Oct 20, 09:52:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No question that the Lions are capable of defeating all five of its remaining opponents. We have been competitive in all five of our games and with a break here or there would have a much better record. Saturday's game against Dartmouth is huge, because Dartmouth's record is also 0-5 so we have a great opportunity to start the second half of the season in winning fashion. Unlike the Lions, the Big Green have been crushed in most of their games, but did put up 26 points this weekend against Holy Cross, who scored 42. Dartmouth has several good players including the safety Ian Wilson, a fifth year medical redshirt who has hurt us and other teams for years. Notwithstanding Wilson's presence on the field, we should be able to move the ball against Dartmouth. Kelly has the size and speed to hurt them running the ball, Davis and Rangel can certainly go inside, and Kourouma and Olawale have the ability to break off some big gains, if we can only get them on the field more often. Dartmouth certainly will have trouble stopping Austin Knowlin, Mike Stephens and Taylor Joseph if Kelly can get them the ball. If our offense plays well and we get another sound performance from our very tough defense, we should win this game.

At Mon Oct 20, 09:57:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since there are always some who when we lose want to go back to time immemorial to complain about the state of CU football, I want to say that the game-long play of the CU D against Penn last Saturday was perhaps the best I've seen since I began to attend games in the early '70s. This means several things: the quality of our recruits has improved significantly in that there was good play by the D line AND the LBs AND the DBs; it also means that these players are willing to play their hearts out for the current coaching staff; and it means that the current coaching staff on D has taught the players well and has prepared an appropriate game plan. All of these factors reflect well on NW and his coaches. We have many good young players on D, and the jv D also looked very good last Friday. The kicking game is in good shape for the foreseeable future with Stormont following Rocholl. Re the O, I have no idea whether we need slightly better players, or just more time or what. Be that as it may, NW is building the team the way good teams are traditionally supposed to be built: build a strong D, a good kicking game and develop an adequate O. I hope we win all 5 remaining games, but whether we win 0, 1, 3 or all 5 of our remaining games, I am convinced that we are headed in the right direction and am confident that this conviction has a rational basis rather than being based on irrational exuberance or something like that.
-Dr. V

At Mon Oct 20, 10:30:00 PM GMT+7, Blogger dabull said...

You are right on Doc V. This team is very much improved from last year and I think much of it is due to simple maturation and being together one year longer as teammates. Yes it is very frustrating to seemingly outplay an opponent to lose time and again, but eliminating mistakes and turnovers in the heat of competition is part of getting over the loser mentality that this team and campus has suffered through for many years. Sometimes it can take just one victory. I think the Penn game was huge in that we could follow that up with a home win this week and really start establishing ourselves for next year, which I still believe is the big turnaround year for this squad.

At Tue Oct 21, 02:48:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In spite of the loss, had to be one of the best defensive performances I've seen by Columbia.

Would like to see what others think are the top defensive and offensive games we have played over the past few years (win or lose).

At Tue Oct 21, 03:18:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I endorse what has been said;
I wanted to make clear that I have great confidence in the direction of the program. Nonetheless, I do believe that we can improve upon our offensive preparation to eliminate problems which do not relate to our general level of talent.

Old Lion

At Tue Oct 21, 04:00:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am pulling for the Lions as much as all of you out there...but i realistically think this Saturday could be our only shot at a W all year. They better come out with some fire on Saturday against Dartmouth...and win. Televised game also.

Will ask a question a previous poster asked - why are there no dedicated captains on this team? 0-5...this is exactly the time when capitains step up and right the ship to make it a successful second half of the season. Who has insight on this? Which players are leading this team? (not stats...leadership!)


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