Tuesday, September 16, 2008


You can check the Athletics Web site right now and look at the updated weights for the football team.

I will let you all speculate for me, but here are the changes I can see compared to early July. Any player not listed below did not show a weight change on the posted roster:

Drew Abeyta: +7 lbs.

Jeff Adams: +15 lbs.

Matt Bashaw: +9 lbs.

Jerry Bell: +12 lbs.

David Brekke: +10 lbs.

Corey Cameron: +8 lbs.

Will Claunch: +15 lbs.

Dan Cohen: +8 lbs.

Rex Cole: +10 lbs.

Alex Cornish: -3 lbs.

Jordan Davis: +10 lbs.

Ralph DeBernardo: +9 lbs.

Tyler Duffy: +6 lbs.

Ben Evans: -6 lbs.

Bruce Fleming: +9 lbs.

Greg Fontela: +11 lbs.

Owen Fraser: -12 lbs.

Javier Garza: +3 lbs.

Alex Gross: +11 lbs.

Chris Groth: +9 lbs.

Craig Hamilton: +2 lbs.

Bob Hauschildt: +6 lbs.

Vaughn Hodges: +13 lbs.

Marc Holloway: +13 lbs.

Kalasi Huggins: +5 lbs.

Leon Ivery: +6 lbs.

Derek Jancisin: -3 lbs.

Taylor Joseph: +20 lbs.

Conor Joyce: -2 lbs.

Shane Kelly: +10 lbs.

Andrew Kennedy: -3 lbs.

Bryan Kipp: +12 lbs.

Austin Knowlin: -8 lbs.

Zack Kourouma: +8 lbs.

Clark Koury: +20 lbs.

Derek Lipscomb: +16 lbs.

Mack Loughrey: -7 lbs.

Chase McCaleb: +4 lbs.

Adam Mehrer: +7 lbs.

Philip Mitchell: -1 lb.

Matt Moretto: +14 lbs.

Jared Morine: +2 lbs.

Mike Murphy: +9 lbs.

Mark Muston: +15 lbs.

Daniel Myers: -6 lbs.

M.A. Olawale: +7 lbs.

Clavin Otis: +8 lbs.

Nico Papas: +3 lbs.

Chris Paruch: +6 lbs.

Ben Popeck: -10 lbs.

Jason Pyles: -5 lbs.

Drew Quinn: +2 lbs.

Ray Rangel: +7 lbs.

Prentis Robinson: +5 lbs.

Jon Rocholl: +14 lbs.

Evan Sanford: +4 lbs.

Neil Schuster: +10 lbs.

John Seiler: +7 lbs.

Shea Selsor: +5 lbs.

Andy Shalbrack: +5 lbs.

Michael Siebold: +7 lbs.

Tim Skalak: +14 lbs.

Josh Smith: +9 lbs.

Cody Steele: +8 lbs.

Mike Stephens: +13 lbs.

Pete Stoll: +8 lbs.

Matt Stotler: +25 lbs.

Brandon Veldman: +20 lbs.

Eli Waltz: +24 lbs.

Kirk Weller: -1 lb.

Augie Williams: +7 lbs.

Josh A. Williams: -1 lb.

Josh D. Willams: +8 lbs.

Ivery in his high school days

Local Kid Makes Good?
A Palo Alto news Web site has a new article on local athletes in Ivy football, including Leon Ivery. The piece speculates that the sophomore from the Menlo School may see more playing time this season.


At Wed Sep 17, 01:39:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like we have gotten bigger, in virtually all areas. We'll look forward to Saturday.

At Wed Sep 17, 01:59:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone care to note the changes?

At Wed Sep 17, 05:28:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For one, the linebackers are much bigger than last year. Gross, Morreto, Holloway, Hodges and Koury are just some of the returning players who have bulked up considerably while several of the newcomers -- Mistretta, Claunch, Cornish and Rvan Miller-- have very good size. Linebackers make most of the tackles on defense so size is important particularly against the run. Also, the defensive linemen are much bigger than last year. Go Lions!!

At Thu Sep 18, 04:45:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jake,

I never thought I'd see a bigger Columbia football nut than myself, but now I'm convinced -- you da man!

The weight changes you listed appear accurate except for Derek Lipscomb, who should be a plus rather than a minus. I think one of the most significant changes is the 24 pound gain for Eli Waltz, who will probably start on the DL.
Stotler is another big gainer, and may be 2nd team DE. Jordan Davis also should be even stronger at 209, and as has been pointed out there are plenty of others, including Veldman, up to 270 from 250 and possibly a starter at guard along with Seiler, who becomes the heaviest starting O-lineman at 290.

Assuming Quinn and Gross will start at outside linebacker, anybody want to guess who will start in the middle? I would say it could be Moretto, Cameron, Koury or Holloway. Moretto earned his stripes as a frosh and has gotten bigger, and Koury looked terrific last year before he was injured. Of course they might put Quinn in the middle and one of the others outside. in any case, lots of quality depth at linebacker, especially with the talented first years. As you say, game is shaping up as a real good one and I'd say the start of a new era in CU football.

At Thu Sep 18, 08:41:00 PM GMT+7, Blogger Jake said...

You are right about Lipscomb, thanks!


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