Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Get your tickets now!

I'm sure many of you received the special football season ticket order form or re-order form in the mail last week.

The mailing also came with a nice color pamphlet featuring Jordan Davis carrying the ball.

The prices remain the same: premium chairback season tickets are $90 each for all five home games and you can get those reserved bench seat season tickets for $45 each.

And you can also get the TRUE BLUE deal, which gets you season tickets for football, basketball, and women's basketball for just $265 per seat, (you could spend that much for parking alone at a Yankees game).

Another bonus this year is that if you renew by August 1st, you'll receive an invitation to a dinner with the football coaching staff on August 18th!

If you didn't get a mailing, or if you prefer to do this online, you can click here or call 1-888-LIONS-11.


At Tue Jul 08, 06:48:00 AM GMT+7, Blogger DOC said...

Such a deal !! Tell me what a better sports value there is in all of NYC. You're wrong about the Yankee Parking prices. That only entitles you to a "License" to a parking spot: a disturbing trend in the world of fan fleecing.


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