Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Let's Bring It In for Bobby"

Bobby Ray and his Wife Claudia (CREDIT: BALSFUND.ORG)

I received some very sad and yet also uplifting news this afternoon. Former Lion footballer, Bobby Ray '90, has been diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. Yes, the disease that is named for Columbia's greatest-ever athlete has stricken another Lion.

But the uplifting news is that Bobby is not giving up, and so many of his former teammates are working to raise money for Bobby's efforts to get treatment abroad, (where certain stem cell-based treatments are government-approved).

Bobby's teammates' efforts are impressive, and we all know how close-knit and dedicated to one another the Columbia football players from the late 1980's are. As one of them put in an email to his fellow players: "Let's Bring It In for Bobby"

But this is one battle they should not be fighting alone.

PLEASE take the time to visit and donate to help Bobby here.

As fans, I think it would be a great thing to let Bobby know we care for and are praying for him, even though we may have never known him personally.

No one gets left behind.

Now is the time for the Lions to truly roar.


At Sat Jan 19, 11:16:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous doc said...

Im on board. I also invite all Columbians to support this Alums
cause and donate to this noble effort.
As a physician I have personally witnessed the devastation of ALS.
I have also witnessed unspeakable courage in the face of insurmountable odds.
This man embodies that spirit.
Let's Bring It On.

At Tue Jan 22, 10:11:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the mother of a current player and the daughter to a father who died of ALS. This is truly a worthy that should bring us all together to support this young man. Yes, let's bring it on.

At Sat Jan 26, 04:00:00 AM GMT+7, Blogger Chuck B '92 said...

As a Lehigh fan, you have my heartfelt support for this terrible news about a member of the Lion family.

Lehigh also has a former team member who was diagnosed with ALS and has started a "Tackle ALS Foundation" to research a cure.

The website is below:

I'd encourage every Columbia fan who reads this blog to make an effort to reach out and donate to the family. At Lehigh, members of the football family were able to donate to the family c/o the Lehigh Athletics department - you may want to see if you can do the same at Columbia.

Let's "bring it" and tackle this terrible disease.


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