Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Return to Decency

Tad Crawford... fully clothed (CREDIT: BCLIONS.com)

Thank goodness the B.C. Lions have updated the picture of Tad Crawford on the team web site! He now is wearing a jersey and looks bigger. The original picture looked like something out of the evidence box in a child porn bust.

Tad's stats have been updated as well. He has three special teams tackles in three games and that big fumble recovery in the last game. The B.C. Lions are 3-0 and take on the Hamilton Tiger Cats at home on Thursday night. Hamilton is 0-3.

Hanover, New Hampshire... a nice place to visit, and you might want to live there (CREDIT: Money Magazine)

Some of my friends at Money Magazine have voted Dartmouth's home of Hanover, NH as the #2 best place to live in America. Hanover is beautiful from what I remember from my only visit there in 1990, but I look forward to checking it out more thoroughly as an adult this coming October 20th when the Lions play the Big Green at the newly down-sized and refurbished Memorial Field. You can see some pictures of what the field looks like on Bruce Wood's Big Green Alert website and blog.

College towns are often a mixed bag. Sometimes, they create fantastic living conditions, great facilities and hospitals, and trickle good teachers down into the high schools and elementary schools.

But they can also create economic problems. Many of the full-time employees are paid next to nothing, and those employees often live in neighborhoods that can hardly be considered decent, (see the shanty-town like situation near Cornell's campus in Ithaca if you don't believe me).

In my experience, Charlottesville, Virginia, Ann Arbor, Michigan and Pasedena, CA, (near Cal Tech), were the best college towns for both "town and gown." But I'd love to hear the readers chime in with their thoughts.

Parting Bite

Oh, and just in case you didn't already know... rugby is a tough sport.


At Wed Jul 18, 01:09:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

penn state is gorgeous this time of year. the winter is tough though.


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