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The Opponents and Road Guide

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This is the final part of a four-part series previewing the 2011 Columbia Lions and the players you should know. Scroll down for part one and my entire league overview for the season

I thought I'd wrap up my 2011 season preview with an more fan-friendly look at the next ten weeks and what you really need to know to enjoy yourself game after game.

Jack Coffey Field

Week One: Fordham

My scouting report on the Rams actual team is coming later, and I have already posted my guide to getting to the game at Fordham... but here are a few more important points.

-Bring a seat cushion. The aluminum seats at Jack Coffey Field are the worst thing for your butt since Ryan O'Neal. Seriously.

-I have published extensive directions to Fordham already, here's another trick: If you have a GPS, just program in the New York Botanical Gardens as your destination. Most GPS systems won't have Fordham as a point of interest, (or they will, but they'll list 100 different locations), and the Gardens are right across the street from the entrance to the school.

-Buy your tickets now and choose the e-ticket option to print them from home. Fordham has like ONE ticket window on site and it moves reallll slow... like you'll miss the opening kickoff and halftime kind of slow.

Eddie Delaney

Week Two: Albany

My extensive guide to getting to and enjoying games at Robert K. Kraft Field at Wien Stadium in the Baker Athletics Complex is coming next week. But here are a few things you need to know now:

-Root as hard as you can for Columbia, but keep a special place in your heart for Albany senior DE Eddie Delaney who was born without a left hand yet is still one of the best players in FCS football.

Bob Ford

-If you want to make fun of somebody who is fair game, go after Albany Head Coach Bob Ford, (who is actually an excellent coach and has been at the helm for 30 years), who wears those oversized, cowboy-shaped golf hats on the sidelines and that's just not acceptable. Let the Chi Chi Rodriguez jokes fly!

-Don't do the thing all the other Ivy fans do and make fun of Albany for being state school. Why make fun of a school that costs so much less and graduates people with a lot less debt? Stay classy, Columbia.

Princeton Stadium

Week 3: Princeton

First of all, get there! Of all our Ivy opponents, Princeton is the shortest trip to make for a road game. It's a really nice stadium, and there's... well there's really nothing else to do around there other than go to the game but that should be enough!

-TAILGATE! Princeton's big and ample parking lots really make tailgating easier than any Ivy school. Yale is a close second, but I have a problem with "parking lots" that are really grass fields. Even I care more about the environment than that and I think the global warming scare is stupid.

-Again, avoid the cliche taunt of Princeton as being a school of super rich kids and elitists. That joke hasn't been funny for a long time. What is fun is reminding the Tiger fans of the combined scores of the last two games they've played against Columbia and LOST badly.

Try this, (to the tune of "Let's go Lions"), "80 to 14, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!"

Week 4: Sacred Heart

For the second straight year, the unlucky draw puts Columbia at home for a game on Yom Kippur.

On the bright side, there should be REALLY light traffic that day and maybe you can actually enjoy the drive for once.

I can't think of too much to go after Sacred Heart with in the cheering department. Hopefully, this will be an easy win.

Al Bagnoli

Week 5: Penn

This is going to be Homecoming and a 3:30 kickoff with a nationally televised broadcast on Versus.

But still come early to enjoy all the great things they do for Homecoming with the big tent, the carnival, and all the free food giveaways.

When the game does start, pay attention to Quaker Head Coach Al Bagnoli. He gets upset a lot. Perhaps we can distract him with some cheers where we just yell his name like the "Darryl" taunts in the 1986 World Series.

Love him or hate him, Bagnoli is the reason why Penn wins and loses. It couldn't hurt to mess with his concentration.

The REAL Dartmouth mascot: Keggy!

Week 6: Dartmouth

It's a long trip to Hanover, NH but well worth it.

It's not yet very cold in that area yet when we play them and a lot of the fall foliage is still in view.

Former Head Coach Larry McElreavy doesn't own the nearby Miss Bellows Falls Diner anymore, but you can still eat there and enjoy the buttermilk pancakes!

The Dartmouth stadium, Memorial Field is nice, especially on the visitors side where they recently refurbished the seats.

My favorite anti-Dartmouth cheer has to do with the fact that the team's nickname doesn't mean anything.

"Big Green... What?" is a good one.

Um... no

Week 7: Yale

Another nationally televised game, this time with a 12 noon kickoff on the YES Network.

The big story here is that for the past two seasons, Yale has gotten away with two squeaker wins over the Lions and that needs to end.

Also, Yale PAYS the YES Network for the three games the New York City-based network broadcasts for Yale. So the best way to answer that is to cheer very loudly and scream things like "Thank God this game is not in New Haven!" as much as possible.

This doesn't make any sense to me either

Week 8: Harvard

Harvard often comes into this game looking ahead to the Penn game the following week. It's been eight years since the Lions beat them and it's way past time to get it done.

Next to Cornell, the Harvard alums in the New York area are the best at actually getting to see their own team when they come to Wien Stadium. So out-cheering them is a necessity.

Schoelkopf crescent

Week 9: Cornell

This is an even longer trip than Dartmouth, and since it's week 9 you can't be sure the weather will be tolerable in Ithaca.

But every Ivy fan should see Schoelkopf Field at least once and I suggest doing a little exercise by hiking up the steps to the top of the crescent and enjoying the view.

Week 10: Brown

The final home game every year at Wien Stadium is Senior Day and the Lions have a great tradition of introducing all the seniors and having their families greet them on the field just before the game. It's a great ceremony. And three years running, Columbia has sent those seniors out with a victory on their day.

Since you can still take every course at Brown pass/fail, a good taunting cheer is "Run, Pass, Fail!"

Top 100 Moments of 2010

#3: Brackett Doesn't Start

QB Sean Brackett got his first start in week 7 of his freshman year against Yale and started every other game after that until the final week of 2010 at Brown.

Brackett was so banged up after the gutsy win he led Columbia to against Cornell that the coaches sat him down.

But getting him to agree wasn't easy... and as it turned out, it didn't last.


At Thu Sep 15, 03:29:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I think other football coachers use the straw hat! And as we know (and myself from personal experience) we need to shield our skin from those rays!

Speaking of the Albany player who is a standout despite his physical challenges, I remember when we had a kicker with a similar case. During one contest he forced a kick returner out bounds - so he had game! Either way it is an impressive feat - and shows what the mind can achieve!

At Thu Sep 15, 07:57:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jake, those are great recommendations for Columbia fans planning to attend the Fordham game--particularly the suggestion that they bring a seat cushion. However, from my experience,there are few other items they should consider bringing to the game, such as the following:

1. Field Glasses. As there are no visitor stands at Coffey Field, the Columbia coaches and players will be lined-up on a distant sideline throughout the game. Unless you have the vision of a Navy Seal, it is doubtful that you will be able to read any of the numbers of the Columbia players along the sideline, or see what is going on near the Columbia sideline.

2. Sunglasses. Inasmuch as Columbia Fans will be looking directly into the sun for most of the afternoon, you need a very good pair of sunglasses along with the field glasses. Of course, if you have played football or baseball in the past, you might place some leftover shoe polish below your eyes.

3. Print out the Columbia Football Roster and bring it to the game. If my memory is correct, Fordham, unlike Columbia, charges for game day programs and there is not much information on the visiting team in the program.

4. Bring lunch. In the past,the food concession lines have been horrendous.

At Thu Sep 15, 08:18:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Dave said...

Hey Jake, couldn't help leaving a couple Princeton tips. Columbia usually does not send to many fans to Princeton but it really is easy -- just hop on NJ Transit and transfer at Princeton Junction for the "dinky", the endearing two-car rail shuttle to the campus. (It's a hike to the stadium from the station, so stop at the nearby WaWa first for refreshment.) Or just drive - there is lots of visitor parking. After the game, if Princeton wins, the Princeton Band will play a postgame concert from INSIDE the Woodrow Wilson fountain -- just walk up Washington St from the Stadium until you hear the music. The Columbia Band may join them, or may even snarkily play their own concert if Columbia wins. Finally, Princeton has some of the best ice cream anywhere and no fall day spent in this gorgeous college town would be complete unless you stopped at either Thomas Sweet or Halo Pub. Both are near Palmer Square off Nassau Street. Go Tigers!

At Fri Sep 16, 01:26:00 AM GMT+7, Blogger DOC said...

Hey Dave, The only music you're gonna hear after the Columbia game,as you did the past two seasons, is "Roar Lion Roar." You should know by now that the Columbia Band does nothing snarkily. Thanks for the travel tips.


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