Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Under the Wire... Again!

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Scouting Report

Chuck Burton of Lehigh Football Nation has a pretty good scouting report on our week 3 opponent, Princeton.

Chuck emphasizes the key fact that Stephen Cody will be back to star at linebacker after missing most of last season including the Columbia game.

Vaughn Scott

Four years ago, Columbia was preparing to take on Fordham for the season opener at Jack Coffey Field in the Bronx.

But the Lions had to throw their scouting reports in the garbage when they learned, just hours before game time, that a new freshman running back was just cleared by the NCAA to play in the game, (the second game of the season for the Rams).

That freshman was Xavier Martin, and he ended up shredding Columbia for 157 yards rushing and three touchdowns in a 27-10 Fordham win.

Now, the Lions will at least have 60 days to prepare for a standout running back from New Jersey who has just been cleared for a full scholarship at Fordham.

Vaughn Scott rushed for more than 1,700 yards and scored 36 touchdowns last year alone for West Deptford HS in South Jersey.

Now I want to make it clear that I am NOT suggesting that any rules have been broken either in Scott’s case or Martin’s case.

But this is a rough new challenge for Columbia not unlike the new challenge the Lions faced back in September of 2007.

Hopefully, Scott won’t do the kind of damage Martin did.

Top 100 Moments of 2010

#60: March of Shame

Columbia fans were more than a little excited to see the Lions standing at 3-1 heading into the crucial matchup with defending Ivy champ Penn at Franklin Field.

But that giddiness soon dissipated as the Quakers opening drive exposed Columbia’s weaknesses for all the world to see.

Penn started the possession on its own 25 and proceeded to rush the ball eleven straight times before scoring a touchdown on that 11th and final play.

Six different Quakers carried the ball, but none better than QB Billy Ragone who scored the TD and gained 47 of the 75 yards on the drive.

Only one of the ten tackles made on the drive was made by a defensive lineman, and half of the stops were made by safeties.

Penn’s coaches didn’t really need to see anymore. In total, the Quakers would run the ball 57 times and pass it just five times in the game. They netted 281 yards on the ground and scored three rushing touchdowns.

The rest of the league didn’t need to see anymore either… Columbia’s fate for most of the rest of the season was sealed.


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