Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quick Punishment

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Moore made a lot of Lions miss

Top 100 Moments of 2010

#83: Quick Punishment

Columbia was leading 14-3 in week two against Towson and looking to put the Tigers away midway through the third quarter when the Lions faced a 2nd and ten from their own 48.

What followed was a scenario that was thankfully very rare for the rest of the season.

QB Sean Brackett threw a medium range pass that was intercepted and downed at the Towson 38.

Then just two plays later, Towson QB Chris Hart threw a deep pass to Hakeem Moore and Moore broke several tackles for a 62 yard score.

That made the score 14-10 and put the Tigers back in the game.

Columbia certainly had its problems in 2010, but Brackett interceptions and tackling errors in the secondary were not common at all.

In fact, Brackett threw just six interceptions all season.

That's six picks in 10 games and 287 attempts, or one interception every 48 passes.

As far as the secondary went, safety Adam Mehrer and Calvin Otis both finished the season as All Ivy honorees. Otis actually made the first team.

The Lions allowed just 11 TD passes all season and finished in the top four in the Ivies in overall pass defense.

Only Brown and Penn gave up fewer TD passes.

Of course, Brackett is back for another two years at CU, but replacing Otis and Mehrer will be a tall order this coming season.


At Mon Jun 27, 08:06:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jake, let's encourage everybody to buy the season package. The team appreciates the support. As a long standing giants season ticket hlder, I can admit that it's actually more fun to go to Baker Field.


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