Friday, April 08, 2011

Football Tonight!

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Light My Fire

Commenting on Dartmouth’s move to install lights at Memorial Field this summer, long-time reader “DOC” made the point of asking whether Columbia should resume playing night games at Wien Stadium.

Of course, there is a night game coming up in just 15 days as the spring game is the night of April 22nd. But I’m sure DOC and other fans are thinking about regular season games.

I’m certainly in favor of one or two night games, especially in the early months of the season. Lately, I’ve heard that the biggest roadblocks to this are Inwood residents worried about noise and the current Lion coaching staff that prefers games earlier in the day.

I tend to agree that night games will bring in more student fans and younger people in general… but I also think it would discourage a lot of the older fan base.

But one or two games is just one or two games. Perhaps it’ll be worth a try as soon as the focus on the Baker Complex expansion is behind us.

That could be years down the road.

That’s okay, we’re Columbia fans… we’ll wait.

Farewell, George

George Kolombatovich is stepping down after 32 years as head coach of Columbia’s legendary fencing program.

His record is incredible by any standard. The dominance he and co-Head Coach Aladar Kogler created will never be matched by any sports team in the Ivy League.


At Fri Apr 08, 10:23:00 AM GMT+7, Blogger DOC said...

I get it as far as our Inwood neighbors are concerned. But I dont think that ONE night game a year is asking too much. How about complementary admission to the folks who live near the stadium for that game? That would certainly help bridge any PR gap.
Who knows, that experience might turn some Inwood residents into Columbia fans! They might even come back on their own during the day!


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