Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Honored Pride

Calvin Otis

The Lions fared nicely on the All Ivy 1st Team, grabbing nods at QB, TE, LT, CB, and LB.

The most pleasant surprise for me was the well-deserved recognition for Calvin Otis. Calvin really played "shutdown corner" this year, but I was worried the other Ivy coaches wouldn't notice.

Meanwhile, Calvin's fellow defensive back, Adam Mehrer, was given a great honor today as he was named to the ESPN Academic All-America Football Team.

Making the All Ivy 2nd Team was promising sophomore DE Joshua Martin, Mehrer was an honorable mention along with inspiring comeback story WR Nico Gutierrez who is a senior.

Here's the entire All Ivy roster. Congratulations to all the winners!

Rookie of the Year: *Jeff Mathews, Cornell (Fr., QB, Camarillo, Calif.)

Bushnell Cup Winner, (Ivy MVP): TBA on December 6th

First Team All-Ivy


Patrick Conroy, Brown (Sr., OL, Leesburg, Va.)

Jeff Adams, Columbia (Jr., OL, Western Springs, Ill.)

Ryan O'Neill, Dartmouth (Jr., OL, Orland Park, Ill.)

Joseph D'Orazio, Penn (Sr., OL, Bryn Mawr, Pa.)

Luis Ruffolo, Penn (Sr., OL, Webster, N.Y.)

Greg Van Roten, Penn (Jr., OL, Rockville Centre, N.Y.)

Sean Brackett, Columbia (So., QB, Brooklyn, Conn.)

Billy Ragone, Penn (So., QB, Chesire, Conn.)

Nick Schwieger, Dartmouth (Jr., RB, Norton, Mass.)

Gino Gordon, Harvard (Sr., RB, Bonita, Calif.)

Luke DeLuca, Penn (Sr., FB, Grand Island, N.Y.)

Alexander Tounkara, Brown (Sr., WR, Staten Island, N.Y.)

Tim McManus, Dartmouth (Sr., WR, St. Paul, Minn.)

*Trey Peacock, Princeton (Sr., WR, Chandler, Ariz.)

Andrew Kennedy, Columbia (Sr., TE, Westport, Conn.)


Charles Bay, Dartmouth (Sr., DL, Marietta, Ga.)

*Josue Ortiz, Harvard (Sr., DL, Avon Park, Fla.)

Brandon Copeland, Penn (So., DL, Sykesville, Md.)

Tom McCarthy, Yale (Sr., DL, Chester, N.J.)

Alex Gross, Columbia (Sr., LB, Kettering, Ohio)

Erik Rask, Penn (Jr., LB, Newport Beach, Calif.)

Zack Heller, Penn (Sr., LB, Orlando, Fla.)

Jordan Haynes, Yale (Jr., LB, Folsom, Calif.)

A.J. Cruz, Brown (So., DB, Lake Forest, Calif.)

Calvin Otis, Columbia (Sr., DB, Windemere, Fla.)

Shawn Abuhoff, Dartmouth (Jr., DB, Hileah, Fla.)

*Collin Zych, Harvard (Sr., DB, Plano, Texas)

Josh Powers, Penn (Sr., DB, Fishers, Ind.)

Adam Money, Yale (Sr., DB, Whiteland, Ind.)

Special Teams

Patrick Jacob, Princeton (Jr., PK, Colon, Ohio)

Drew Alston, Cornell (Sr., P, Memphis, Tenn.)

*Shawn Abuhoff, Dartmouth (Jr., RS, Hileah, Fla.)

Second Team All-Ivy


Brian Ellixson, Brown (Sr., OL, Havertown, Pa.)

Austen Fletcher, Dartmouth (Jr., OL, Old Brookville, N.Y.)

Chris LeRoy, Harvard (Sr., OL, Portland, Maine)

Kevin Murphy, Harvard (Jr., OL, San Clemente, Calif.)

Brent Osborne, Harvard (Sr., OL, Draper, Va.)

Drew Luango, Penn (Sr., OL, Germantown, Md.)

Patrick Witt, Yale (Jr., QB, Atlanta, Ga.)

Trevor Scales, Harvard (So. RB, Stone Mountain, Ga.)

Brandon Colavita, Penn (So., RB, Sewell, N.J.)

Alex Thomas, Yale (Jr., RB, Ansonia, Conn.)

Andrew Kerr, Princeton (Sr., WR, State College, Pa.)

Chris Smith, Yale (So., WR, Midlothian, Va.)

John Gallagher, Dartmouth (Jr., TE, Salem, Ore.)

Chris Blohm, Yale (Sr., TE, San Francisco, Calif.)


Jeremy Raducha, Brown (Sr., DL, Bristol, Conn.)

Josh Martin, Columbia (So., DL, Aurora, Colo.)

Chucks Obi, Harvard (Sr., DL, Tracy, Calif.)

Drew Goldsmith, Penn (Sr., DL, Jupiter, Fla.)

Andrew Serrano, Brown (Sr., LB, Phoenix, Ariz.)

Alex Gedeon, Harvard (Jr., LB, Hudson, Ohio)

Nick Hasselberg, Harvard (Sr., LB, Carlsbad, Calif.)

Jon Olofsson, Princeton (Sr., LB, Frankfort, Ill.)

Steve Peyton, Brown (Jr., DB, Woodland, Calif.)

Emani Fenton, Cornell (Sr., DB, Ashburn, Va.)

Matthew Hanson, Harvard (Jr., DB, Lafayette, Colo.)

Matt Hamscher, Penn (Jr., DB, Whitehall, Pa.)

Special Teams

Alexander Norocea, Brown (Fr., PK, Hermosa Beach, Calif.)

Joe Cloud, Princeton (So., P, Edwards, Ill.)

Chris Smith, Yale (So., RS, Midlothian, Va.)

Honorable Mention All-Ivy

Jack Geiger, Brown (Jr., OL, Whitefish Bay, Wisc.)

Jared Mollenback, Penn (Sr., OL, Hampton, Iowa)

Jake Koury, Yale (Sr., OL, Dublin, Ohio)

Mark Kachmer, Brown (So., RB, Wheaton, Ill.)

Jordan Culbreath, Princeton (Sr., RB, Falls Church, Va.)

Jimmy Saros, Brown (Jr., WR, Grosse Point Park, Mich.)

Nico Gutierrez, Columbia (Sr., WR, New Canaan, Conn.)

Michael Reilly, Dartmouth (Jr., WR, Denver, Colo.)

Nicolai Schwarzkopf, Harvard (Sr., TE, Decatur, Ga.)

Kyle Juszczyk, Harvard (So., H-Back, Medina, Ohio)

Luke Nawrocki, Penn (Jr., TE, Syosset, N.Y.)

Clayton McGrath, Brown (Jr., DL, Longmeadow, Mass.)

Brian Wing, Penn (Sr., DL, West Bloomfield, Mich.)

Mike Catapano, Princeton (Jr., DL, Bayville, N.Y.)

Sean Williams, Yale (Sr., DL, Portland, Ore.)

Chimso Okoji, Brown (Sr., LB, Silver Spring, Md.)

Zack Imhoff, Cornell (Jr., LB, Cincinnati, Ohio)

Luke Hussey, Dartmouth (Sr., LB, Seattle, Wash.)

Brian Levine, Penn (Sr., LB, Westport, Conn.)

Andrew Starks, Princeton (So., LB, Plainfield, Ill.)

Adam Mehrer, Columbia (Sr., DB, Midlothian, Va.)

Bradford Blackmon, Penn (Sr., DB, Jackson, Miss.)

Drew Baldwin, Yale (Jr., DB, Alexandria, Va.)

Foley Schmidt, Dartmouth (Jr., PK, Inner Grove Heights, Mich.)

Andrew Samson, Penn (Sr., PK, West Bloomfield, Mich.)

Nate Lovett, Brown (Jr., P, East Providence, R.I.)

Scott Lopano, Penn (So., P, Southlake, Texas)

Bradford Blackmon, Penn (Sr., RS, Jackson, Miss.)

*Unanimous Selection


At Wed Nov 24, 08:51:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brackett deserves the Bushnell; best player in the league.

At Wed Nov 24, 08:51:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Further to the last post, put Brackett behind the Penn OL and he would have 3,000 yards passing and 1,000 yards rushing.

At Wed Nov 24, 09:18:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Calvin Otis was an outstanding cornerback for Columiba this season and certainly deserving of his First Team All Ivy selection. Congratulations to him. There were many very good defensive backs in the Ivy League this season so his making First Team All-Ivy is quite an honor.

At Wed Nov 24, 09:54:00 AM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Columbia could have a very good defensive line with second team All-Ivy Defensive End Josh Martin as its leader. The Lions have several talented defensive tackles returning including Groth, Popeck and Sommers. At defensive end they have Martin, Adebayo, Patterson and Murphy, amongst others. Of course, if Owen Fraser comes back healthy, or the Lions add an impact player or two, the Lion DL will really be strong. Obviously, a number of the defensive linemen need to add plenty of weight and muscle in the off-season, as it is not easy to fight off those 290-300 pound offensive lineman

At Wed Nov 24, 12:18:00 PM GMT+7, Blogger cathar said...

Great news, and congrats to all concerned.

To shift seasons a bit, basketball got back in the win column with a 76-63 win over a scrappy (but winless to date) Colgate team. For some reason which escapes me, too, Colgate began aggressively fouling to get the ball back with about 12 minutes left in the 2nd half. When the game was tied!

Hero of the game (though not our leading scorer, that was Agho as usual) was Asenso Ampim. Not the greatest ball handler, never the most graceful guy out there. But he has almost terrifying aggressiveness and desire to win on court (he is, in other words, everything the seemingly more naturally talented Ben Nwakuchuku steadfastly refused to be). He's also a surprisingly deft and reliable foul shooter, unlike many of his teammates. Kyle Smith is looking like another great hire by Dianne Murphy (and I still include Norries Wilson in that assessment), not least because he seems willing to utilize Ampim more fully than Joe Jones ever did.

At Wed Nov 24, 06:18:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ampin looks like he could play defensive end in the NFL!

At Wed Nov 24, 08:00:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, I'm ready to talk Columbia Basketball (as well as Football, of course) and having viewed the Columbia-Colgate basketball last night, I would agree with cathar's assessment of the team and the players. However, cathar might have also mentioned that it was the play of the freshman guard, Van Green, in the second half, that really helped the Lions. Green, who is one great athlete, played superb defense for a freshman. And once he got the floor together with Agho, Ampim and Barbour and Craig, the Lions had too much overall athleticism for their upstate visitors to overcome. Now, the interesting thing about Green from a Columbia Football Fan's viewpoint,is that Green hails from Birmingham, Alabama, which just happens to be the same home town of the Lion's very good freshman linebacker, Zach Olinger. I guess that says something about the quality of the student-athletes
in the great State of Alabama. Maybe we should be doing some more recruiting there.

At Wed Nov 24, 08:06:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like nearly all the All-Ivy honorees on the Dartmouth Football Team are applying for a fifth year. Hopefully, we can get some of our seniors to do the same thing, or pick up an eligible fifth year transfer from a Division I school like Nebraska or LSU.

At Wed Nov 24, 08:18:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand that Ampin is also a fine student who is likely to get into the top law schools. Big Ben was also a top student; he is now at Harvard Medical School. JJ used to say that basketball wasn't all that important to Big Ben. Who knows?

At Wed Nov 24, 08:36:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I spoke yesterday with a local HS kid here in Ma. playing at Brown this year. He also echoed that Brown thought Brackett was the best player in the league. You can also see how ridiculously political this voting process is as coaches usually favor upperclassman and only consider Ivy games as a player's body of work. You can't tell me that there were three better kickers in the league then Eddy this year.But kudus to our guys that were noticed.

At Wed Nov 24, 11:43:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news. I am especially happy to see Calvin Otis on 1st team. He did a great job. He dropped a few possible interceptions this year that as I remember his dad joked about that if he could catch the ball he would be playing on the other side of the line. One of our best players and great family.

At Thu Nov 25, 07:50:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I attended the Brown game. Even injured, Brackett was the far superior QB of either team. He still had enough mobility to buy time in the pocket and complete some big gains. His passes were laser accurate. Moreover, he exhibited a calm confidence that was inspiring. If attendance is up (as one poster said), Brackett may well be the reason.

The fumbled first and goal pitch to Gerst on an option was likely due to his injury or else we would have scored 23 points in the second half and maybe gotten inside the Bears heads a bit.

Hate to be the broken record, but seeing how effective Brackett was despite his injury, why on earth did we wait until late in the second quarter to put him in? It was abundantly clear to those watching that Bell was not clicking. I know it was kept very hush about Bracketts injury perhaps in the hopes of catching the Bears unprepared to handle Bell and his passing game. But the fact that his first pass was an INT and that he was missing leaft and right....the OC should have made the switch no later than the end of the first quarter (down only 14-0).

But I main point is to compliment Brackett. He is a clear leader on the field and he was a team player on the sidelines in the first half. We should build the offensive scheme around his strengths and probabluy we can be a 7-3 team. Fix the undersized DL and we are 8-2 or better.

How many days til next season?

Chen '82

At Thu Nov 25, 07:52:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

....and another thing....if CU does the things that the various posters have been saying, Sean Brackett will will the Bushnell Cup both as a Junior and a Senior.


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