Friday, August 13, 2010

Primary Secondary

Ross Morand filled in nicely last year at corner (CREDIT: Columbia Athletics)

I don't think I posted this earlier, but check out incoming freshman Chris Alston's high school highlight video. He seems like a very hard hitter.

Alston is just one of, by my count, 20 Columbia players who have positions in the secondary. About 8-9 of them have significant playing experience. Sounds like a tough juggling job for the secondary coach. Luckily, Columbia's new man at that job isthe very experienced and respected John Gutekunst. Gutekunst sure knows when to join a squad, he inherits quite a bit of deep and amazing talent.

The local media in Minnesota is starting to catch on about Columbia's hiring of the ex-Gophers head coach as this article suggests.

Gutekunst aside, it's hard not to be excited about the Lion secondary this season despite the graduatio loss of four-year starter Andy Shalbrack.

The unit returns very talented players like Calvin Otis, Kalasi Huggins, Ross Morand, and Neil Schuster at cornerback.

The safeties are led by All Ivy Adam Mehrer, Augie Williams, and AJ Maddox is back from injury. Watch out for Maddox to make a big impact this season. I know the team was extremely disappointed to lose him to injury all of last season and there was a reason for that. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts making that impact returning kicks.

The pantry is so stocked in the secondary that good athlets like Kurt Williams and Brian DeVeau could make the switch to WR in the spring. DeVeau ended up scoring the Spring Game's lone TD and Williams impressed in that game and in practice. Kurt may be the best toned athlete on the team.


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