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Passing Fancy: The Receivers

Sean Morey holds the Ivy's all-time single season receiving yardage record

The 1,000-yard wide receiver has been the rarest of animals in Ivy football history. There were actually no 1,000-yard receivers until 1982 when Columbia's Don Lewis, Dartmouth's Jack Daly and Princeton's Kevin Guthrie all broke the millennium mark on the same final day of that season.

Including that season, 20 individual 1,000+ yard receiving seasons have been achieved by a total of 16 players. Nine of them took place in the 2000's.

Here's the overall list:

1,000+ Yard Wide Receivers in Ivy History

(Listed in chronological order)

Don Lewis Columbia 1,000 1982

Jack Daly Dartmouth 1,034 1982

Kevin M. Guthrie Princeton 1,003 1982

Kevin M. Guthrie Princeton 1,260 1983

Derek S. Graham Princeton 1,321 1983

Craig Morton Dartmouth 1,063 1986

John Hyland Dartmouth 1,076 1994

Sean Morey Brown 1,434 1997

Eric Krawczyk Cornell 1,042 1997

Sean Morey Brown 1,023 1998

Steve Campbell Brown 1,107 1999

Steve Campbell Brown 1,332 2000

Eric Johnson Yale 1,007 2000

Chas Gessner Brown 1,182 2001

Chas Gessner Brown 1,166 2002

Carl Morris Harvard 1,288 2002

Rob Milanese Penn 1,112 2002

Dan Castles Penn 1,067 2003

Jarrett Schreck Brown 1,035 2004

Buddy Farnham Brown 1,003 2009

Given the rarity, it's definitely impressive what Princeton was able to do in 1983 when the Tigers had two 1,000-yard receivers in Guthrie and Graham thanks to the passing talents of Doug Butler at QB. Columbia just missed achieving that mark in 1982, when Bill Reggio had 987 yards to Lewis' 1,000.

But the most impressive feats in this category have consistently been turned in by the Brown Bears. Brown has had eight seasons with a 1,000-yard receiver, including six years in a row from 1997-2002.

One of the men responsible for that run at Brown is QB James Perry, who has just been hired as the new offensive coordinator at Princeton.

Be afraid.

Meanwhile, the all-time single season leader Sean Morey should be back in action for the Cardinals in their playoff game against the Packers this Sunday.

And here are Columbia's top 10 receivers ranked by receiving yardage in a single season:

1) Don Lewis 1,000 1982

2) Austin Knowlin 988 2007

3) Bill Reggio 987 1982

4) Bill Reggio 958 1983

5) *Wade Fletcher 874 2003

6) Doug Peck 822 2001

7) Gary Comstock 816 1990

8) *Brian Bassett 793 1994

9) David Ramirez 708 1995

10) *Matt Less 707 1989

*(Tight ends)


At Sun Jan 10, 12:56:00 PM GMT+7, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Brown fan, staring at this post (and picture) definitely DID make me happy! =)

It's been a pleasure (and an unprecedented privilege) to watch us produce so many spectacular receivers under Whipple and Estes. I'm hoping Sudfeld, Saros, or someone else completely unheralded will have a big season next year, but won't complain if we have to rely on the run more, with two talented RBs returning (Zach Tronti and Spiro Theodosi, both of whom came on strong at times in the season. Theodosi filled in for Tronti when he was injured, and was more impressive, and should, I think, start next year.


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