Wednesday, May 21, 2008

JoJo's Wise Words

1961 was a very good year for Marvin... and the Lions

Today is Columbia's University-wide graduation day, but the festivities for all the various schools began over the weekend.

Graduating senior co-captain JoJo Smith gave a speech at the Baccalaureate Service at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine on Sunday. He's posted the speech on his site.

I wish I had known about JoJo's site before today, but everyone can catch up by reading the archives.

Just as a side bar, it's pretty obvious that Mr. Smith is a Marvin Gaye fan. Specifically, it seems he really likes two of my all-time favorite hits: "Ain't that Peculiar," and "I'll be Doggone." Put those together with "The Ecological Song," "Grapevine," "Inner City Blues","Got to Give it Up," and "Sexual Healing," and you have a very fantastic 23 minutes of music.


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