Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hop on the Bus

CAUTION: This bus takes WIDE turns!

There are yet more options for getting to the Columbia home games from points in Midtown Manhattan.

There are two express buses that can take you close to Baker Field.

The buses are the BxM1 and the BxM2 and you should read the schedules carefully in the links provided, (remember to look for SATURDAY schedules and also pay close attention to the fares).

The BxM1 serves the East Side, leaving from East 33rd Street and 3rd Avenue.

The BxM2 serves the West Side, leaving from West 35th Street and 6th Avenue.

On Saturday's the BxM1 stops at 207th Street and Broadway, near where the A train stops just 11 blocks south of the stadium. You just have uptown on Broadway and you'll be there in no time.

On Saturday's the BxM2 stops in Marble Hill at 230th Street, not far from where the Metro North stop. You just have to make the short walk SOUTH across the Broadway foot bridge to get to Baker Field.

Jake's Take: Taking buses in Manhattan, even on a Saturday, can be a little frustrating as they battle traffic, red lights, suicidal pedestrians, and the 30 MPH speed limit on city streets. It's nice to have the added options, but the subway or the Metro North are better choices 95% of the time.

Of course, there will be shuttle bus service from the Columbia campus to Baker Field, and more detailed info on that will provided soon.


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