Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Outlook: Muddy

Lafayette 14 Columbia 7

Well, this was the first game this season that I did not attend personally, so I will focus on my impressions as a fan listening on the radio for whatever that's worth.

Columbia's Offense is Troublesome

I don't want to push the panic button based on a loss in the heavy rain and mud at Lafayette, but we seemed totally unable to move the ball after the first quick touchdown-scoring drive. This coupled with last week's weak showing at Princeton has me worried. We MUST start running the ball for at least 3-yards a carry soon, or we will finish 2-8 for sure.

Columbia's Defense is All-Heart

With the exception of the Princeton game, these guys have really played their hearts out this season. They really gave CU every chance to win on Saturday, but the offense couldn't take advantage. The coaches are going to have to work extra hard to keep these guys from getting frustrated and letting up on D.

You Gotta Love the Kicking Game

One bright spot from the game is that the kickers are still getting it done. Rocholl nailed his PAT in what must have been rough placekicking conditions, and he had a good punting average too. Alex Smith made no really bad kickoffs. If we do win a few more games this season, I fully expect these guys to be a big reason why with either a last-second long FG from Rocholl or a nice touchback kickoff from Smith after a late TD to seal the deal.

Will Someone Please Teach the WKCR Crew How to Call a Game?

The color commentators are actually okay. But the play-by-play guy is just not good. His voice is all wrong for radio, he misses the correct yard line way too often, and doesn't have the right sense of urgency when it counts. These kids still get no guidance from anyone over there and I guess they should be commended for doing any kind of passable job at all. I'm getting closer to huddling up with a few other alums at TimeWarner and just pitching ourselves as a broadcast team to Bollinger. We could just offer to put one or two students on the air and promise to tutor them for free in return. God, the thought of having to listen to that play-by-play guy one more time has me upset. I hope he's a senior and that he's applying to law school.

Penn is Going to Kill Us

You gotta love the fact that homecoming is coming up this weekend against a Penn team that knows the door is wide open for them to win another title now that Harvard has lost to Cornell. This is probably going to be a massacre and all the alumni will be there to witness it. Great!


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